Garlic Today … Doh!

Well today was the day the garlic was going in. Notice the past tense.
I dropped the children off at school and came home all eager.
After walking the children to school I decided I needed to wrap up for the allotment, so did that then packed the car ready for an hour or so on the allotment. It still amazes me how much you can get into a citroen c1. Travelling to the allotment I passed the dentist and decided to stop and make an appointment (I know not like me multitasking) before travelling on to the allotment.
Finally, I arrived at the allotment, donned my wellies and carried all the tools to the allotment gate. However, on arriving at the locked gate I patted down all my pockets before realising I had left the key at home. So I reversed things and re-packed the car. Realising I wouldn’t have time to return and still get to work mud free I decided to pop in to the garden nursery and buy a rhubarb crown.

“Sorry mate, we only have them at the beginning of the season.”
“Ok thanks. When does the season start?”
“Depends on the weather you best ask Michael Fish.”

Useful, not really.

Well what lessons can I share to help support other allotmenteers, both new and old.
I know – Remember your key!

2 thoughts on “Garlic Today … Doh!

  1. Heh – I’ve played that game with the key too. I was going to put my garlic and winter onions in on 5th too but as there was frost forecast I decided I’d leave them to next week and dig over a weedy patch to expose the roots instead. Hopefully warmer and dryer for planting next week.

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