Garlic … Take two!

Right off to the allotment to plant the garlic. Have I got the key…yes!
After packing the car and checking I had all I needed, including the key I set off for the allotment.
In arriving, I checked I still had the key and unloaded and unlocked the allotment gate. Yes I still have the key and can now get the garlic in. After spending some time loosening the ground and raking it over I checked the book, marked my stick with a 6″ and a 2″ mark and began placing the cloves.

Now that they are spaced and tucked cosily into the ground I took the opportunity to check on the onion sets, peas and beans planted last week. I didn’t expect to see any growth but was still a little disappointed to not see any. I must remember … patience! Weather permitting this coming week I will dig over some of the beds – ensuring I have the camping stove, coffee and milk to hand along with the camping chair. I promise I am going to do some digging.

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