Hard Labour

No I haven’t done time and been smashing rocks, but I have had a smashing time.
Maybe this post should be titled, ‘What I love about allotments.’ After dropping the children off, I headed straight to our plot. On arriving I was greeted by several other allotment gardeners, who were out pottering, as a friend and colleague. But what made it for me today was listening to the bird song and I couldn’t but help stop and listen to their excitement which made me put my concerns down – if only for a short time.
Now back to the hard labour. For those who read our post yesterday about our greenhouse saga you won’t recognise the picture below:

2015/01/img_1308.jpg This was all accomplished with several visits to our local recycling centre with their very helpful staff and lots of lifting, sweeping and shovelling. Maybe I shouldn’t confess this but I will, my shovelling a of soil and shards of rotten wood went under a nearby hedge.
But now… What to do… Thoughts please. Should we:

1. Lift all the slabs and relay them for the greenhouse base;
2. Build the greenhouse on the existing slabs, it will fit;
3. Lift all the slabs and build the green house on the soil.

If we did number 2 or 3 we then have further to consider:
a. Should we lay pebbles/shingle inside the greenhouse;
b. Lay paving slabs;
c. Just leave bare soil (we won’t be growing in this soil)

What to do? But whatever we do it will mean more hard labour and I look forward to it.

Thoughts please.

3 thoughts on “Hard Labour

  1. Ed, don’t build on bare soil. Put the base on hard standing and if possible put a walk way through the centre. It won’t do any harm to put pots on the bare ground until you can put shingle down. Be mindful bare soil will allow the slugs to get to any pots, but they will not cross over pebbles.


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