What a pickle!

Well the greenhouse grief goes on! But inbetween rescue missions we have pickled our donated shallots. 

The process we have experimented with today (as they are not our grown produce we felt we had nothing to lose) was – 

  • Peel the skins and divide the pickling worthy shallots from the less worthy.
  • We washed in hot water a random collection of jars and then dried them in a low oven.


  • We then boiled vinegar, oil, pickling spices added the shallots for 8ish minutes. 


  • The shallots then went into the jars while the liquid left had balsamic vinegar added and boiled. 
  • This then went into the jars over the shallots which we sealed with paper and the lids.


Fingers crossed all is ok?!

What (I hear you ask) did we do with the less than worthy pickling shallots? Well worry not these were chopped and some added to the burger mince for tea tonight and the rest turned into a cheeky little burger relish. My family will give their review on this later?! (Mind they eat anything and as long as head digger hasn’t had to make it he is extremely grateful for anything I serve! – no constructive criticisms! Useful?)

What a lot of shallots!

So been to the allotment to check on the greenhouse (a woeful tale! – a whole other blog in the making!). We have brought home our first glut and a lettuce. We are now the proud owners of a bag of shallots! Approx 200! Would love to say we had grown them but once again a fellow gardener has taken pity on us and donated them.  Our neighbours are a friendly bunch full of sage advice and free stuff! Some of the advice is conflicting but well meant! They did admit not all the shallots would be usable but what to do with them? How to store… So many questions?



The lettuce has been grown by Bob our plot neighbour in a cold greenhouse over the winter! Who knew! (Probably most experienced veg growers but new to us!) 


Today whilst digging our potato patch my mind cast back nearly 20 years, to I think my GCSEs, to a line in this poem – I had to share with you all…

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Rome wasn’t built in a day….

Well we finally did it! Whoop whoops, cheers and high fives all round! After ordering the greenhouse January, it being used as a cat toy for what seemed like weeks, the ongoing saga of the base and drilling 4 holes (an epic battle of man against….well everything!) we finally took the plunge and decided today would be the day! Nothing was going to stop us and too many other things relied on us having a greenhouse that we couldn’t hold it off any longer! Continue reading

Nature vs Nurture

Over the past month, if not longer, we have been nurturing peas, beans, onions and garlic in our back garden. These have been growing in cardboard tubes, egg boxes and small plant pots. To date they have been protected from: our cats and their friends; Duster our parents bouncy dog; mobs of starlings; curious blackbirds; and the changable weather including strong winds. Continue reading