Crocus, chicken and cats!

Well we have had an allotment filled weekend. Digging son discovered a crocus on his mud patch and was over the moon! We have tidied and raked over beds. Our arms now ache in places we didn’t know we had. 

We have got all the peas, beans, onion and garlic that has been growing on the decking in pots into the ground so fingers crossed. 

They say be careful what you wish for… Head gardener yesterday made a throw away comment about chickens and how nice it would be to have one?! Well this am after sending him to church with little digger girl and dropping digging footballer son off at football I arrived at the allotment to push through the arm ache! I was greeted by a very startled and flustered hen! We were aware one was on the loose but I did not expect to come face to beak with it! It had done no damage other than leave droppings around and soon flapped it’s self away. I am no hen expert and as other than a robin I had seen no other life on any other allotments I was not prepared to stress myself or the poor bird out by attempting to trap/capture/detain or entertain! 

The robin, who obviously believes was supervising me today, spent the morning twittering, tweeting and inspecting my work. I’m not sure of its final appraisal but it was certainly not bothered by my prescence in his home. 

This afternoon has been spent finally using our Christmas propagator present. So we have started off cucumbers (minis and Diva), tomatoes, pepper, basil, thyme, cauliflower and broccoli. We are just doing a few seeds every couple of weeks to see how they go. Hopefully the greenhouse will be up sooner than the seedlings?

What is it about the birds/cats around us that want to supervise?

2 thoughts on “Crocus, chicken and cats!

    1. Thank you. We enjoy writing them and glad others enjoy reading them. We will have to learn how to link up our blog to yours too. We are newbie allotmenteers and bloggers.

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