Rome wasn’t built in a day….

Well we finally did it! Whoop whoops, cheers and high fives all round! After ordering the greenhouse January, it being used as a cat toy for what seemed like weeks, the ongoing saga of the base and drilling 4 holes (an epic battle of man against….well everything!) we finally took the plunge and decided today would be the day! Nothing was going to stop us and too many other things relied on us having a greenhouse that we couldn’t hold it off any longer! 

It was chilly and at points we all wanted to give up and go home admitting defeat! We had sold it to the reluctant allotment son that it would just be like building a Meccano model but on a grand scale (and if bored could sit in the shed with his iPod!) the eager allotment daughter well she’s just eager to be at the allotment so needed no encouragement.

We are an interesting couple as building things together (most of the furniture in the house is IKEA and so we have built a far amount without fights and mediation needed) brings out our strengths; Ed fairly logical and practical and I read the instructions and use my organisational skills to ensure the next part is ready however the Greenhouse, diagrams and elements nearly ended our perfect run. It was so cold and the pictures so complicated! I honestly think had I not needed to return home twice (toilet trips for children and sneaky hand warm!) that I may have quitted! The nuts and bolts were so small and obscurely placed that it was impossible to wear gloves at all so hands got really numb….anyway enough dwelling on the negative with a lot of preserverence, gritting teeth and sheer grit and determination WE DID IT!!! (We did mumble when time was pressing and the end far off that building your own greenhouse should be one of the Great British Allotment tasks that would sort the boys from the men!) 

Here’s the proof:

Today (as this blog is being written retrospectively – fingers too numb yesterday to type) the inherited thermometer moved from the old shed to the new greenhouse shot up to a balmy 21 degrees (or in daughter terms “can I take my coat and cardigan off?”) The parsley plant; and various seeds (cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, broccoli) have been taken to their new home and we can now get on with more planting and finally putting in the well chitted spuds!

2 thoughts on “Rome wasn’t built in a day….

  1. Well done! It’s nice to think you’ll be able to shelter in the rain from it too 🙂 Mr MBaF put our lean-to greenhouse up last week and he had the same issue with tricky instructions making it take ages. Clearly something for the manufacturers to improve on!


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