What a pickle!

Well the greenhouse grief goes on! But inbetween rescue missions we have pickled our donated shallots. 

The process we have experimented with today (as they are not our grown produce we felt we had nothing to lose) was – 

  • Peel the skins and divide the pickling worthy shallots from the less worthy.
  • We washed in hot water a random collection of jars and then dried them in a low oven.


  • We then boiled vinegar, oil, pickling spices added the shallots for 8ish minutes. 


  • The shallots then went into the jars while the liquid left had balsamic vinegar added and boiled. 
  • This then went into the jars over the shallots which we sealed with paper and the lids.


Fingers crossed all is ok?!

What (I hear you ask) did we do with the less than worthy pickling shallots? Well worry not these were chopped and some added to the burger mince for tea tonight and the rest turned into a cheeky little burger relish. My family will give their review on this later?! (Mind they eat anything and as long as head digger hasn’t had to make it he is extremely grateful for anything I serve! – no constructive criticisms! Useful?)