I’ll huff and I’ll puff!

Well we really were not destined to have an easy life with this greenhouse.

After the whoops of getting it up it’s pretty much been down hill from their (pride comes before a fall!?). We started to fill it with staging shelves and the house stopped looking like a garden centre and all the seedlings were rehomed. 


Marvelous! Oh no Mr Weather man had different ideas… 4 days and nights of the Big Bad wolf huffing and puffing! We always knew around our neck of the woods was blustery and prone to the odd gust (we are surrounded by wind farms) however we and our little greenhouse were not prepared!

The first day and the door had blown off leaving the whole structure and seedlings open to the elements. No damage to anything and the door could be put back on however what was to stop it falling off again and causing damage? Step on the head gardener… Tape! We can tape up the door till the wind is over and then look at more long term solutions.  Off he went with reluctant digger to get tape. Returned with rhino tape and 30 metres of rope! The greenhouse now looked like a Christmas present wrapped by an over zealous scout but everything seemed secure!

That night not a lot of sleep was had! A mixture of wind worry and the actual wind blowing a hoolie around the house upsetting cats and children equally.

The next day all seemed well however getting into the greenhouse was obviously an issue. 

Head digger was tempted to sleep at the allotment as more strong gusts were forecast.

Repeat of previous night wind worry. Head digger visits and rings in a panic – roof panel out and gone. Could I bring ‘something’ and help him sort it out?!? So off we trotted in beautiful blue sky but blustery weather to help. We taped a plastic sheet over the missing section and checked other parts were secure. Weather changes whilst doing this to gusts and horizontal hail/rain. 

Following day (ditto windy night) head digger returned to greenhouse (now even the mention of it gets a chunter under the breath from all concerned). More panels escaping but not lost forever (in my head I envisage a scene similar to the wizard of oz…). But not to worry he has more rhino tape…

2 hours later he returns home… 


It’s not going anyway.

Possibly the most annoying thing about the whole situation is the amount of unsolicitored advice from the other gardeners! All well meaning but not always welcome during a windy crisis especially when “wouldn’t have got that sort, a polly tunnel is what you need round here!” Sometimes wish we hadn’t bothered! 

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