Mint Emergency

I have been lied too. I have always been led to believe that mint grows well, too well and that in fact stopping it from spreading everywhere is the main challenge.


Our mint was mint green, bushy and given it’s own bed behind the greenhouse (still up!).  It seemed wet enough, not too sunny or windy.

Last week was our wedding anniversary (9 years) and Head Gardener bought this lethal weapon, I mean gadget for me for the kitchen and to use with allotment produce.  


It is fantastic and to test it out Head Gardner (HG) had picked some mint to make into mint tea. It was delicious!


Well today I’d asked HG and Littelest Digger (LD) to pick some more mint for a Sunday night mint tea (rock and roll life style!). They brough home this sorry sight: 


What is gong on! We can’t even grow mint! Abandon all hope! Not sure I should risk drinking it?!

4 thoughts on “Mint Emergency

  1. Mint grows well in my North west garden. It isn’t in full sun, i grow it in pots and water it when i remember. I usually start off with small plant from the garden centre though this year am trying seed and cuttings. Maybe neglect is the answer ? Keep trying.


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