Catch up….

Well life has been a bit hectic really and the allotment has been growing away with minimal involvement!

Lots happening on and off the plot! The most exciting news off the plot is the arrival of Pepper! Not a plant but our very own allotment puppy! A 3 month old German Shephard cross Bedlington


Yes we are aware she will probably be a big dog but hey…We love a challenge.

So our allotment despite being abandoned has been incredibly forgiving and productive! I won’t lie the weeds have had a field day and taken advantage in our absence but here’s a round up…


We were given a globe courgette plant from our kind and patient allotment neighbour. We had it for tea last night with pasta, bacon and a sauce. Glamorous allotment daughter’s verdict was ‘different’. We had followed a Jamie Oliver recipe that used normal courgettes and left the skin on. In hindsight the skin maybe should have been removed.

We are onto about our 5th cucumber (or snozcumber as littlest digger calls them.) They are really delicious and have converted the reluctant veggie eater (if you know our family you will know that isn’t a child!)

Basil is flourishing as well as parsley, thyme and eventually mint. Although the mint had been helped by donations of more mint plants.


This ‘cocktail’ was cool homemade lemonade with crushed ice, cucumber cubes, lemon and mint leaves. Except the lemon all grown on the allotment… Just what is needed after some digging on the allotment!


The beans are not quite ready but we enjoyed revealing the soft blankety beds that home the not quite ready beans.

I’d like to show you the red, ripe delicious strawberries that we have been enjoying but they don’t last long enough to have a picture! We are getting one or 2 a week so not able to save them to have as a pud but whoever visits enjoys searching out the little red delights.

We have had broccoli and our first cauliflower so feel we must be doing some things right. We know this year (or possibly ever) that our abilities on the allotment are not going to be enough to keep us however we are enjoying the bits we have had.

Looking to the future the tomatoes and gooseberry bushes are heavy with fruits. Both onions and garlic are, we have been told on the cusp of being ready and today’s job is a bit of tatty tickling for our first earlies …. Exciting times!

As we are 10 working days off the Summer holidays we are hopeful to turn some time and attention to the allotment. So look out for more pictures.

2 thoughts on “Catch up….

  1. Lovely to see healthy drinks also.. and have you tried courgettes raw in salads? I use a peeler that slices them very thinly into ribbons Lovely drizzled with a little salad dressing of your choice. 🙂


    1. Yum yum! Will try that when/if the weather turned back to salad weather again! We are wanting hearty winter food at the moment as very wet and blustery!


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