So I thought jam was hard to make but we have found it fun and fairly easy….saying that the proof is in the pudding. We have 13 differing size jars from 2kg of fruit and 1.7kg more to jam but not enough jars with seal buttons left.

Here are some pictures to illustrate what we did – so we can remember next time.


‘head and tailed’ the gooseberries (as Little digger kept calling it)


Boil in a litre of water.


Leave fruit to simmer for 10 minutes or until soft.


Add 2kg of sugar (1kg for each kg of fruit). Head Gardner is giving littlest digger a lecture about why we don’t eat too much jam because of the sugar content!



Bring pan up to a rolling boil for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile you need to sterilise jars, lids and put a plate in the freezer.


Once the jam has had 10 minutes remove from the heat and place a spoonful onto the frozen plate. After a few seconds the jam on the plate should wrinkle if it is set. Ours wasn’t so we had to return to the heat for a few minutes then repeat the plate test (ours still not done so returned to the heat and a quick panic, Google search and the juice from a full lemon added as lemon has a high amount of pectin which sets jam. We were led to believe gooseberries had a high enough content so didn’t need to add anything else!)


Once set ladel/pour into sterilised jars and seal with lids immediately.

We have decided to label our jars and limit ourselves to a jar a month. It lasts a year which means we already have more than enough for us and can give some away (after a serious taste test to check it’s OK for human consumption). So be warned family members…  We will he sending jam your way.

4 thoughts on “Jamin’

  1. Brilliant, and your recipe came at just the right time as I picked a good amount of gooseberries the other week and top and tailed them, then froze them until I had time to make some jam.. Now you have provided this lovely recipe I will make a start.. I use Jam Sugar.. which has some added pectin in it.
    I made loads of Blackberry Jam last year, and another batch of Blackberry and Apple.. which everyone I give away too just loves.. But like you, Sugar is not good and we limit ourselves to its intake.. but a little of what you fancy every now and again does you good as my Gran used to say 🙂

    Glad to be able to catch up at last with new followers of Dreamwalker’s Garden.. Many thanks for subscribing.

    Happy Gardening


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