Runny jam…

So the jam is thicker than it was but decidedly still runny! panic! In our house any crisis, question or query ultimately means trawling Google and the wide ranging help it can provide!

This is the best we can find… Like a proverbial slap to calm us down;

“Runny Jam 
The worst thing that could happen when you are making jam is that your jam might not set.   [One thing to note is that sometimes runny jam sets on its own if you leave it alone for a few weeks. If you have the option of waiting before you try to ‘fix’ it, then wait. It might surprise you.] 

Runny jam is not a crisis.

Really. There are no jam police who are going to show up at your house and take your children away because you made runny jam. It really doesn’t matter if your jam doesn’t set. 

At our house, we call runny jam ‘syrup’. You can use syrup on pancakes and ice cream and as cake topping and as meat glaze.”

So yesterday we did not make jam but syrup. We have cleaned the outside of the jars and are going to store it in the garage – needs to be kept cool and dark. If it sets it sets if not syrup on pancakes all round, cake and icecream topping galore!

We are going to make a second batch with just 1kg today to see how we get on. Timings can be effected by doubling the recipe so we are going to follow the recipe amount exact and see if that may have effected the first batch.

If we get the jam into the garage we must photograph the other things we have started drying out and storing. Feel like a real squirrel!

4 thoughts on “Runny jam…

  1. Jam update; ironically the first batch of jam we worried about has set beautifully. The second lot made to the exact recipe with no doubling is still runny! So 13 jars of jam and a few of syrup!


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