Dirty hands, clean plates

So we went digging today for ‘the spuds’ as littlest digger calls them. Our first earlies we reasoned all needed to be up and as we had no potatoes in the house it seemed to be the best plan.

The past ‘few weeks’ have been hard with end of term school shenanigans and reluctant digger being in a bit of a proverbial trough. But with the start of the holidays despite the weather not heralding much sunshine we all felt decidedly more lighter and risked all heading off to the allotment to gather in the potatoes.

Much fun was had by all. The ‘joke’ rule was if your finger nails were clean there would be no tea! (our 2 were fully aware this was a joke – adopted children don’t deal well with threats of no tea!).


Here they are all three at work. Our earlies we were led to believe would be like new potatoes. We had planted a red skinned Duke of York and having had one meal, and reading our trusty veg book knew if they stayed in any longer we risked the skins being damaged.


When Pepper the allotment pup first arrived she loved nothing better than deadheading flowers in our garden that didn’t need deadheading and digging holes to lie in. Could she be persuaded to join in the potatoe tickling? No! She took on a supervisory role!


Luckily there was no amount of helpers today even reluctant digger gleefully pulled out potatoes. Littlest digger sticking true to her name and finding the smallest potatoes (probably not technically big enough to be potatoes?!)


This was the full range of sizes…ridiculously big or tiddly. We did have a few ‘what we would call’ new potatoe sized potatoes but the rest were huge or tiddlers! We also collected peas, beans and mint whilst the children filled up on gooseberries!


They might have ranged in size and some of the skin looked dubious however can I just say they tasted beautiful! If you dont believe me hears the verdict in pictures from the family…


Littlest digger lovedd it all especially the ‘pink potatoes.


Not so reluctant digger cleared his plate despite not liking the beans.


Head Gardner ate it all and commented that the potatoes tasted just like the tinned ones you get at camp!? I’m going to choose not to be offended!


Allotment pup (already at 4 months in bad habits) also enjoyed cleaning the plates!

Again we reflect on the differences between supermarket food and own grown. You can taste the difference totally especially in the earthy potatoes cooked with fresh mint and the peas and beans freshly shelled however there is less convenience in own grown. We didn’t head to the allotment till 4pm and got carried away with the sunny evening so we weren’t home till 5:30. Then all the veg needed shelling or washing and preparing…some would think what a faff! Us what do we think – homegrown all the way!

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