Busy bees

Blogging (and the allotment) is a bit like buses! Today this is my third blog when sometimes we can go for weeks.

This time of the year just seems areal busy but exciting time.

Here are some pictures of today’s activities and harvest.


Tickling the second lot of first early potatoes.


Bit more like the size of potatoe we expected.



Keeping the reluctant gardener busy.


Our newest worker (visiting nana) hard at collecting more gooseberies (PYO – told her she needs to only pick what she wants to take as running out of freezer space!!)


Looking for decent raspberries – this cane planted by a bird has yielded more than we expected but is in totally the wrong place!) we are onto our third batch if cakes using raspberries (white chocolate and raspberry the most recent combination!)


Littlest digger did a mixture of jobs today but her favourite was the gooseberry and raspberries – she eats as many as she adds to the collection!


These are destined for a pie in honour of the Head Gardeners birthday!

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