Workers pay

We don’t do much bribery and corruption…! And for most of us we don’t need it but as we had a project (forgot to take camera so will stage some pictures and blog about the project tomorrow) that needed completing today to ensure lots of other things can get on, we need full cooperation from all the troops. So payment for today’s work was in….cake!!!

Head Gardner found a wonderful garden centre just outside of Durham and we have had various trips this holiday. So payment was a cake of choice for all who ‘helped’. Amazing how much we got done!

The Poplars garden centre just outside of Durham is next to the river and has a huge field frequented by dogs galore so Allotment dog had a kick about before cake.


Then each worker was paid according to the terms set out before work.


Littlest digger had a angel sparkle cake with piles of cream.


Reluctant digger had caramel shortbread.


Head Gardner was so pleased with himself (which he deserved to be) he had 2 cheese scones!

Allotment dog had a sneaky bit of scone under the table!


Whilst there we picked up some Charlotte potatoes that if planted now will be ready for Christmas!!

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