1 year

So it’s been a year since we got our allotment and nearly a year of blogging!

Here’s some pictures of the allotment today, one year on.


This is almost the full length of the plot. Shed still standing as is the greenhouse (not yet a year for that and with the increasingly heavy wind it may not last!)


Heres Head Gardner building up the Christmas potatoes. Littlest digger cam just be seem sat down! She was tired as we have just harvested all our potatoes and cabbages!


This is one of 2 bags full of cabbages. We have decided to take them all up, blanch and freeze all that can be saved. Slugs have had a field day with both the cabbages and potatoes so who knows what we might find at the heart of these.


Our sprouts need staking (wind) if they are to last till nearer Christmas but seem to be progressing well.


Our cold frames are home to next years cabbages and strawberries and soon spring onions, broccoli and cauliflower.

A recent harvest festival highlighted how detached most people are from the whole growing produce act as the leader said this time of year the harvest has been gathered in and the land lays brown and dead! Not so for our allotment with sprouts, cabbage, kale, spinach, lettuce, leek and the obligatory weeds all still flourishing not to mention the carrots, parsnips and potatoes! The littlest diggers windowsill at home is starting off seeds ready to be potted on and then placed in the coldframes. Lots if life and produce still to be had!

What a year and we are very excited for the next one ahead. We would like to say we will learn from our mistakes but the likelihood is we will probably just enjoy making new ones! Happy digging.

3 thoughts on “1 year

  1. looking fabulous – you have done SO well 🙂 Just a handy hint … strawberries may do better OUT of coldframes – they actually benefit from a good blast of cold over the winter months, it somehow makes them more productive when they get going again as the weather warms up .. i think something to do with the leaves die completely down so all the energy goes all into the roots… 🙂

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