Merry Christmas

Well what a lovely lunch made all the better by the amount grown by us!

Yesterday Head Gardner and reluctant digger headed to a very abandoned, water logged and windswept plot…. It’s been almost impossible to visit for a multiplevof reasons. We hadn’t planned to only source veg for dinner from the plot but we’re hopeful to have something from the allotment to serve.

Well I have to say Head Gardner returned home really pleased with himself albeit quite muddy.


Christmas new potatoes….they were a shock. We had planted some outside and some inside but with the odd, crazy weather didn’t think we would get either. The ones outside had been water logged and were a no starter. The ones inside the greenhouse had looked promising until we had unseasonal temperatures and not enough water. But despite all the odds Head Gardner rooted around and found more than enough for dinner.


These stubby things were absolutely beautiful. We haven’t grown enough to not have to buy any throughout the year but enough for a few weeks.


This is a bag of…parsnips (over exposed). They weren’t the traditional, triangular shaped, smooth beauties you get from a shop and caused Head Gardners (chief veg peeler) much issues but were beautiful roasted (that’s coming from a well known parsnip avoided!).


This is the swede/turnip ( which one?!) We were given these plants and to be honest had been abandoned under the kale. They didn’t grow to a huge size (to the disappointment of littlest digger as she had visions of reenacting the enormous turnip story). As the resident vegetable hater I did try it mashed with cream, pepper and butter but can’t say I was impressed ( the rest of the family devoured it and even allotment Dog had a lick!).


This is a huge bag of kale (the curly sort) that we have an abundance of! It’s beautiful (yes even I like it in fact love it!) and we have had it alone as a veg and in all sorts.


The finished meal was a feast. The only let down was our sprouts. The wind has blown lots over and even the stalks that made it had…  Well what looked like mini cabbages on. They were not tight, dense balls as you would expect sprouts to be. Head Gardner gathered a handful but by the time we took ragged leaves off there was nothing left!

Sprouts are very popular with Head Gardner and we will be looking into a better variety for next year (now we know what conditions we experience on the Plot) however I do know sprouts are meant to be better with a frost which we certainly have not had.

Well the dinner was delicious and  all but the sprouts were home grown!!

Merry Christmas to all xx

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